Hello, my name is Mr. Gant

My goal is to make sure everyone who comes into my classroom feels safe. This is to make sure we can get the best work done.
If you need to speak with me in person, please make an appointment by calling the school office at (217) 826-2812.

Expectations and Rules

Me: Please ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason.
Others: Your hands should not touch anyone else or their things.
Yourself: Come to class. Be on time. Do your work.

1. Students are not to use cellphones, or other electronic devices for music, games, cameras, video, social media, or any device/toy that is disruptive to the educational process without the permission of administration.
2. Cellphones may not be turned on or used during the school day. Student possession of cellphones in the school building or on school grounds during the school day (7:45am – 3:06pm) is restricted to storage in their school locker and turned off. Cellphones must not be visible during these time periods. Furthermore, a student may not initiate or receive calls, text messages, or pictures/videos during the school day or while participating in school events without the express permission of school officials.
3. Cellphones and other devices with recording or camera capabilities are prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, or other areas with a heightened need for privacy. Violation of this rule may be considered Gross Disobedience or Misconduct (Refer to 10.04k GROSS DISOBEDIENCE OR MISCONDUCT for more information.)
4. The school district is not responsible for theft or damage to phones brought onto school property. If a student needs to make a call during the school day, they are to use the phone in the main office with permission.
Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the phone/device. The student will not be permitted to remove the battery or any memory component. A parent or guardian will need to retrieve the cellphone from the office. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, additional consequence may result.
Marshall Junior School Student Handbook