The Scholastic bowl Teams participate in competition between teams of scholars from area schools. Five students play at a time and have opportunity to answer questions individually and as a team. Questions are based on knowledge of all areas of study. As a member of the Little Illini Conference, our regular season runs through November, but tournaments extend our play for the entire school year.

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Date Teams Bus Time
11/5 LAWRENCEVILLE, Olney, & Marshall 3:30 pm
11/9 Marshall, Robinson, & Newton ---
11/12 Red Hill, Flora, Edwards County, & Marshall 3:45 pm
11/19 Paris, Casey-Westfield, & Marshall 4:15 pm
1/?? Cumberland--JV Tournament TBA
1/9 Flora--Conference Tournament TBA
2/?? Charleston--EIU Tournament TBA
2/?? Masonic Tournament TBA
TBA Regionals TBA
2/5 Senior Night 6:15
3/?? Awards Banquet TBA