Helpful Info when deciding to enroll in Spanish 2, 3, or 4:

Spanish 2: This is much like Spanish 1, with vocab being relatively simple but grammar becoming increasingly complex. You will need to recall all info from Spanish 1. Expect 1 day per week which is taught entirely in Spanish, with students only permitted to speak Spanish as well.

Spanish 3: This is a weighted class because it is at an intermediate level. Students must maintain Spanish vocabulary and grammar skills from Spanish 1 and 2, and build upon that info. Spanish 3 will require some time outside of class to study and reinforce the lessons and more advanced vocabulary. Expect 2 Spanish days per week.

Spanish 4: This is a weighted class and is an advanced level class. Students must maintain all knowledge from Spanish 1, 2, and 3. Expect the entire first quarter to be Spanish days, (Spanish only), and to give a presentation each semester in Spanish. Some time outside of class will be required to study and reinforce the lessons and vocabulary. Spanish 4 also focuses each semester on one Spanish-speaking area in great detail. Semester 1 is Hispanoamérica and Semester 2 is Spain. 

Foreign Language Resources

DuoLingo (Spanish Practice)

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Quizlet (Spanish flashcard/game style practice)

Spanish/English Dictionary

StudySpanish.com (Great reference for any lesson you need a further explanation, examples of, or practice with!)