Recommended Websites are free. Each of these contain information on a variety of subjects.

Digital Public Library of America - Is the result of the efforts led by a range of organizations, including the Library of CongressHathiTrust, and the Internet Archive. DPLA is a resource that provides books, images, historic records, and audiovisual materials to anyone with Internet access.

DuckDuckGo - Designed for high school and college assignments. When you do not want to sift through a Google results list this is for you.

GCF Free Online Learning - Creates and provides quality, innovative FREE online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. Over 750 different lessons are available. (Goodwill Community Foundation)

Internet History Sourcebooks - The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook is a companion to the Internet Medieval Sourcebook and the Internet Modern History Sourcebook. The goal of the Ancient and Modern Sourcebooks is to provide and organize texts for use in classroom situations.

Library of Congress – Your one stop shop for historical primary resources including pictures, audio, video, and historical documents – Great free resource for information and multimedia. Be sure to look at the EXPLORE TOPICS tab.

Wikipedia – Great for getting basic information about topics you are not familiar. Be sure to check out the bibliography at the end for additional sources!

WolframAlpha - Computational knowledge search engine. Enter what you want to calculate or know about.