And what we've lost sight of is that performing manual labor with your hands is one of the most incredibly satisfying and positive things you can do. ~Nick Offerman


Class Descriptions

Beginning Construction (Full Year) Prerequisite: Junior standing; Production-preferred

Beginning Construction exposes students to the opportunities available in construction-related trades, such as carpentry, masonry, air conditioning/refrigeration, plumbing, and so on. Students learn about the processes involved in construction projects and may engage in a variety of small projects.

Production (1 semester) Prerequisite: Freshman standing

Production is a course designed to foster an awareness and understanding of manufacturing and construction technology. Through a variety of learning activities, students are exposed to many career opportunities in the production field. Experiences in manufacturing include product design, procedures, corporate structure, management, research and development, production planning, mass production, marketing and servicing. In construction, students will be exposed to site preparation, foundations, building structures, installing utilities, and finishing and servicing structures.

Transportation (1 semester) Prerequisite: Freshman standing

Transportation is a course designed to foster an awareness and understanding of the various transportation customs that make up our mobile society. Through laboratory activities, the student will be exposed to the technologies of and career opportunities involved in material handling, atmospheric and space transportation, marine transportation, terrestrial transportation, and computer uses in transportation technology.

Welding Tech I (1 semester, meets 2 periods) Prerequisite: Senior standing

This course assists students in gaining the knowledge and developing the basic skills needed to be successful in welding technology. Units of instruction include arc, TIG and MIG welding, metallurgy, cutting metal using arc, plasma, and oxy-gas. In addition, students learn the basics of blueprint reading, precision measuring, layout, and production process planning. (Dual credit available with Lake Land College)

Welding Tech II (1 semester, meets 2 periods) Prerequisite: Senior standing; Welding Tech I

This course builds on the skills and concepts introduced in Welding Technology I and provides more in-depth skill development in various types of welding including horizontal, vertical, overhead, and circular techniques. Students also explore the use of robotic and automated production welding. (Dual credit available with Lake Land College)