Class Descriptions

English IV (Full Year) Prerequisite: Senior standing, graduation requirement

This course is a continuation of the skills developed in English III. Literature emphasis is on British authors.

*College English IV (Full Year) Prerequisite: Senior standing; B or better in College English III (If College English grade falls to a C or lower for a significant amount of time, a meeting will be called with the teacher, Principal, and/or School Counselor.)

This class is designed as a college preparatory course to equip the students with the essentials of English for college. Emphasis is on expository and creative writing with encouragement to increase vocabulary and reading skills. Course requirements include a research paper, vocabulary units, and extensive reading and study of English authors and their literature. Critical thinking is encouraged and developed in College English IV.

Bible as Literature I & II (1 or 2 semesters) Prerequisite: Freshman standing

This course will provide a study of passages of verse and prose as a means of examining and appreciating the literature of the Bible, a work that has had an immeasurable influence on the western world. The course will also explore the relationship of a variety of stories, plays, and poems to the Bible. Bible as Literature I focus is on the Old Testament and Bible as Literature II focus is on the New Testament.