Basic Math
Vocational Algebra 1A & 1B
Vocational Geometry



Individual Education Plan Services

  • Manage and facilitate students' individualized education plans

  • Liaison between students and their families and classroom teachers.

Class Descriptions

Basic Math (Full Year) (May be repeated) Prerequisite: IEP

The curriculum for this course, built on the opportunity to improve basic math skills and applying them to practical situations, will be individualized with materials being presented at the students’ levels. The students will progress at individual paces. The course may be repeated with credit as needed to improve the students’ skill toward their grade-ability levels.

Vocational Algebra IA (Full Year) Prerequisite: IEP

This is a course that covers the same topics as Algebra IA. Course work includes mathematical properties, solving equations, ratios and proportions, writing equations in different forms, solving system of equations and inequalities, and graphing equations and inequalities.

Vocational Geometry (Full Year) Prerequisite: IEP and Vocational Algebra IA

This course is a basic study of geometric concepts and applications. Students will practice making connections from concrete examples to abstract concepts.

Vocational Algebra IB (Full Year) Prerequisite: IEP, Algebra IA and Vocational Geometry

This course covers the same topics as Algebra IB. Course work includes polynomials, factoring, quadratic and exponential functions, radical expressions, Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula and probability.

Co-taught Class Description

Life Science (Full Year) Prerequisite: Junior standing, graduation requirement

This course is designed to help the student to understand the fundamental concepts and principles involved in cellular biology, genetics, and ecology. The foundations formed in this class will prepare the students for Bio-Science. Labs and projects are included to help students to understand the topics and meet the standards in the Common Core.