Welcome to North Elementary School

drawing by Carly K.

North Elementary School
1001 N. 6th St.
Marshall, IL 62441
Fax: 217-826-6127


At North Elementary,
we strive to create an environment
that gives all children the opportunity
to achieve their fullest academic
and personal potential.
Our goal is to prepare our students
to become productive
and responsible citizens.

Please feel free to contact me at any time!
Principal Clare Beaven

Schools value parents as partners in educating children. You don’t need training, much money or lots of time. Don’t think of teaching your child as work. Think of it as playing and exploring. When parents take time with their children, the children generally do better in school. When children do better in school, they often do better in life.


Flex Time


Teachers and staff at North School are providing additional support to all children during the daily 2:00 FLEX time. This scheduled time each day has been created to target individual student academic needs.

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North School's Got Talent Video


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