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Mrs. Butts



I will be glad to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Keep in mind that I will not be able to take phone calls while I am teaching classes. Please consider sending me an e-mail so that we can schedule a phone call.

Statistics Homework
February 19 to February 23

    Monday:   No School

   Tuesday:   Page 164; 5-29 odd

   Wednesday:   Page 172; 5-33 odd

   Thursday:   Page 180; 5-35 odd

   Friday:   Review Chapter 4


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 Algebra II Homework
February 19 to February 23

   Monday:    No School

   Tuesday:    Page 228; 1-4 all and handout

   Wednesday:   Review Section 4-1

   Thursday:   Test Section 4-1

   Friday:   Page 233; 15-37 odd, 38-40 all

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    College Algebra Homework
  February 19 to February 23

    Monday:   No School

   Tuesday:    Review Chapter 4 

   Wednesday:   Test Chapter 4 - Day 1

   Thursday:  Test Chapter 4 - Day 2

   Friday:   Notes Section 5-1

Lesson Links

Algebra 1B Homework
  February 19 to February 23

   Monday:    No School

   Tuesday:   Exponential Activities

   Wednesday:   Page 505; 1, 2, 19-22 all

   Thursday:   Island of Exponia Handout

   Friday:   Work in class

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     Algebra 1B



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