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Mrs. Brannan



        I will be glad to discuss any questions or concerns you
        may have.  Keep in mind I will not be able to take a
        phone call while I am teaching.  Please consider sending
        me an e-mail so we can schedule a phone call.

Daily Class Assignments

Algebra I 
9/18 - 9/22

Monday Pg. 101 #11-23 odd
Tuesday Pg. 101 #25-35, 44, 50
Wednesday Review
Thursday  Quiz
Friday  Basic Skills Quiz
Next Week Thursday: Test

Copies of Workbook Pages

Math Concepts 
9/18 - 9/22

Monday Centers Worksheet #5-10
Tuesday Centers Worksheet #11-16 
Wednesday Centers Worksheet #1-5
Thursday  Describing Data Worksheet
Friday Basic Skills
Next Week

Algebra IA
9/18 - 9/22

Monday Multi-Step Worksheet 1
Tuesday Multi-Step Worksheet 2
Wednesday Pg. 95 #7, 12-18 ev, 29, 47-49
Thursday Quiz
Combining Like Tems
Friday Basic Skills
Distributive Prop. Worksheet
Next Week Wednesday: Test

Copies of Workbook Pages

Basic Skills Practice Links

Important Information